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After women who have had breast reconstruction, most will choose to have the areola and nipple colored for a more natural appearance. This can be achieved with Medical Micropigmentation. If the woman chooses not to have the nipple reconstructed, she can choose a Micropigmentation procedure that will leave her with a 3D illusion effect of a natural looking areola and nipple.

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The eyebrows are perhaps the most important part of the face: they frame the eyes and give the face expression. Eyebrows that are too light, too thin or non-existent can be naturally enhanced and improved with micropigmentation. For example, using hair stroke or shading methods, depending on the client's wishes and skin type. The latest technique for eyebrows in PMU is the hair stroke technique. It is used for creating the most natural brows possible.

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Eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance the beauty and expression of the eyes whether a subtle line on just the top, the bottom or both the top and bottom. From a subtle lash liner between the lashes to a duotone eyeliner, the variations in color, thickness and length are endless. Permanent eyeliner gives a natural look that is more subtle and neat than regular make-up. The great benefit of permanent make-up is that it won't smudge throughout the day. Permanent makeup stays perfectly in place day in day out, from early in the morning till late at night, on vacation, in the sauna and while working out. Long-lasting beauty with permanent make-up.

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Skin aging can cause the lip contours to fade. A natural lip liner can permanently restore the shape of your lips and gives your lip line more definition. A Permanent make-up lip liner can also correct asymmetrical lip lines for a more proportionately shaped mouth. The so-called "full lips" color treatment gives a natural color to pale or faded lips.

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